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It's dangerous to go alone, team up with other creators for big growth. is simply the best giveaway platform for gamers and content creators.
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The secret ingredient to your growth recipe

Creators that run monthly giveaways grow 40% faster. Plug our platform straight into any of your social channels to get discovered and find your next #1 fan.


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Make a splash with engagement-focused campaigns. Drive personalized engagements across channels including Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Engage and Develop Relationships
Boost Retention and Reward Followers

Boost retention rates and reward your most loyal followers

Drop easter eggs, extend your watch time, and watch viewer hours explode. Keep your audience tuned in with advanced entry methods.


Make every dollar count

Incentivize donations with unique entry multiplier customization. Generate more donations and give fans the most bang for their buck.

Make Every Dollar Count
Built for Creators and their Communities

Built for creators and their amazing communities

"Built by gamers, for gamers" sounds cliché, but it's true! Amplify your reach with a fully integrated platform built for creators like you.

Legal Compliance

Cover your a$$ with sweepstakes legal protection

Liability is not a good meme. Running a giveaway is legally defined as a sweepstakes, and our comprehensive T&C templates help protect you against personal liability.

Support and Legal Sweepstakes Compliance

Create your own Giveaway

Start from scratch and customize your giveaway.

Collaborate on a giveaway

It’s dangerous to go alone, team up with other creators for big growth! Community Giveaways are a great way to affordably get in on a big giveaway.

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