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To our amazing Community:

Today, I am so excited to announce that has been acquired by! I’m assuming you’re here to learn more, so I wanted to take the time to share my thoughts on what this means for our community and the future of the PLAYR platform.

Since starting in 2017, we’ve always had a big vision for what could be, and it goes far beyond just giveaways. In fact, giveaways were always intended to be a feature, not the entire platform itself. And our team has always known we’re capable of creating so much more value for gamers, content creators, and brands in this industry.

This year, we’ve focused on creating the growth platform we’ve always dreamed of. A product that introduces new opportunities for brands & creators to engage their audiences in ways that were never possible before. And we’ve proudly joined the team at Trufan to make this happen.

Trufan is an amazing company based out of Toronto. Trufan operates the platform, which helps brands and influencers better understand and engage their social media followers. In early 2021, we’ll be introducing our unified product combining the power of Trufan’s social intelligence and’s growth platform— with the goal of creating measurable value for all of our customers, partners, and community.

This acquisition directly accelerates’s growth and product roadmap. And at the same time enables our customers to access leading audience analytics while creating new opportunities for growth and engagement. We’ll be announcing some big partnerships and bringing you more giveaways than ever before.

The PLAYR platform isn’t going anywhere. Our entire team is continuing to work together as we build upon this vision. We’ll be integrating with Trufan, while staying true to our roots and ensuring our amazing community stays intact. We will continue to launch amazing giveaways, secret codes, and special offers. Stay tuned for more opportunities to win big prizes.

And finally, I really wouldn’t be here today without all of your support. Being a part of this community has totally changed my life. To all of you that I’ve met on social media, or at gaming conventions, or in my Twitch streams, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting myself, my team, and We’re just getting started.

Austin Walper

Co-Founder & CEO

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