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Using Secret Codes in your Giveaway!

What are secret codes?

A secret code is a unique entry method that requires an entrant to input a specific set of predetermined characters to redeem entries. Secret codes are created by the giveaway host at their discretion. Codes can be customized with whatever characters you choose along with the number of redemptions!

Why use secret codes?

Secret codes allow users to feel exclusive. Depending on how you distribute your secret codes could mean that only a handful of users receive this code which allows them to feel special. This is also one of the best ways to reward loyal and committed users. For example, members of your community with over 500 hours in your stream will get a special secret code! Increasing your earnings is easy with secret codes too. This works as a huge incentive for users who really want to win your prizes!

As previously mentioned, you are able to cater the flow of users to specific channels, websites, Discords and even games!

Have a Minecraft community? Hide the secret code on a sign in the middle of the server!

Code creation best practices

There’s nothing worse than setting up your giveaway and getting ready to hand out secret codes to your subscribers and a user guesses the secret code and posts it everywhere. When creating codes, remember not to make them too obvious! Although it might be unlikely that someone would guess all of your codes, you don’t want to take that chance.

An example of a bad secret code would be using your handle by itself like “PLAYR” as opposed to “PLAYR19TC”.

Even though you want to make sure secret codes are unique and not easy to guess, ensure that your secret codes are not too many characters. This prevents any errors in translation from your stream chat to entering the secret code on for example.

Your secret codes can be anything so get creative! Our recent Area 51 giveaway for September included the coordinates for the base! Adding a little challenge for users to guess the code’s origins to receive another code can increase engagement to your social posts and your giveaway.

The great thing about secret codes is they can be a huge reward or a small one. You are able to use codes to highlight your most loyal members or just provide a few extra entries for those who have a keen eye on your socials. If you worry about your social media footprint, you’ll be mindful of spamming reminders for your giveaways.

Sharing secret codes

On top of a nice reward for your community, secret codes can also just be fun to share. You are able to “hide” them across many different platforms and send the users on a treasure hunt. Codes act as a reminder for your giveaway without being overly pushy to pull more traffic. One of the top ways to share secret codes would be simply posting on social media, either by just tweeting the code or making it a riddle. Use the tools at your disposal if you’d prefer to share the code as much as possible. Simply adding a command to your bot to display the code every hour in your stream is very effective!

We love to make our secret codes fun at that’s why you’ll find us hiding our codes in graphics for people to find. If you want to go the whole nine yards, we’ve seen hosts stamp the code on paper in Minecraft and litter their servers!


Give them a try!

Secret codes add huge value to any giveaway. They are so customizable that you’ll find a way to share them and create fun rewards no matter what you’re giving away. Reward your loyal members, give users something to hunt down, remind everyone about that epic contest of yours AND share them anywhere!

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