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Promoting Your (awesome) Giveaway

Showing off your new awesome giveaway to as many different people as possible is very important!

Utilise social media

When promoting anything online, social media is your portal to the world. Instead of sticking to one platform, why not use all of them? Whereas a lot of us use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, some will only use one of these so posting to Twitter only, would miss people who primarily use Facebook.

Don’t be afraid to repeat your posts in between your other interactions on your accounts but be mindful of spamming your audience. As much as you want as many people as possible to see your giveaway, you don’t want to deter the people who have already made the effort to follow along. You can also add little reminders onto other posts if you’d prefer to be more discreet. Your going-live tweets could include: “don’t forget our giveaway here: ” at the base so it does not require a whole new post to remind/enlighten people.

Cater to each platform

Be aware of image sizes and presentation when jumping from platform to platform. Instagram has very different image proportions to others like Facebook and Twitter. Creating a single image to use across all three might cause sizing issues where the graphic is cut off. You are able to find complete, up-to-date image sizes for all platforms here: Sprout Social. You want your giveaway to look as professional as possible and this is an easy oversight to make!


When someone is skimming through a website, the images are the most eye catching parts. You don’t want someone looking at your graphic for the wrong reasons. Aim to advertise your prize in a clean and clear manner with your graphic as that is what most people will be searching for. A cluttered image is more likely to be scrolled passed because nobody wants to unscramble an image to figure out what’s being given away! For further tips on creating a giveaway graphic, feel free to see our article here: Creating an Amazing Giveaway Banner.

Graphic created and used for a recent Giveaway.

Catchy posts

You will need an eye catching post to go along with your new graphic. Make sure you are including all of the details in a simple layout without overcrowding the message. At the same time, keep the details to the minimum. If someone would like to know more, they are able to click the link and read further. Details such as “US only” can be left out as they are clearly displayed on the giveaway. The main parts you’ll need to include are: what the prize is, how to enter it and the link to the giveaway. Using emojis on your posts if another effective way to grab attention. Having a title at the top surrounded by emojis is likely to alert someone to read the rest of the post to find out what the excitement is about.


Just like rush hour, social media has its peak hours when users are more likely to check out what’s been going on throughout the day. Whether that be lunchtime or on the way home from work. This is a good chance to grab the attention of more people. Posting your giveaway at 2am might get you the night owls but you’re likely to get a better return if you post around midday. Don’t be afraid to research the best social media posting times, it can be a great asset!

PLAYR tip: Check your social media channel analytics (Facebook / Twitter) and find out when your audience is online to determine the right time to post your giveaway content!

Social Media Features

Sites such as Instagram provide very useful tools to help you promote more effectively. Stories (Instagram) allow you to create an image and add a Call To Action (CTA) which transports users straight to the website when they swipe up. As this is a mobile only feature, and switching apps can take longer, creating a direct link is very effective.

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