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How to Build Community Engagement

Getting Started

When beginning a streaming career it’s important to establish what type of community you wish to build from the very beginning. This helps you understand what really makes up your foundation. If you wish to have a calm and collective community that enjoys a certain type of relaxing game, then you’re able to cater your networking and outreach to reflect that.

Everyone has different tastes, and finding the best way to attract the people who share the same interests as you requires a strategic approach. An effective way to create a community based on a certain type of game is to firstly project your interest over social media. Following the correct accounts associated with the games you wish to play and tweeting to and about them will attract people who share that eagerness.


Having a schedule is paramount in letting your community know when they can expect you. Users of streaming sites often incorporate streams into their daily routine; they might watch a certain streamer in the morning while getting ready for work. If that streamer suddenly dropped off their schedule, that viewer may be forced to find another community to fill that void. That being said, it’s important not to feel as though you’re letting anyone down if you cannot stream to a consistent schedule.

Building a community that respects that you have a life outside of streaming is just as important to your health. If you find you’re unable to stream on a consistent basis, use social media to your advantage and post in advance when you do plan to go live. Platforms such as Xbox thankfully allow you to be favorited which is another way to notify your community!



Networking done right can be highly beneficial to growing your community. Partnering up with like-minded streamers can provide a support system, as well as friends to play games with! Sharing experiences and issues with other streamers can help the whole network if that knowledge is passed around and used properly. Getting involved in other initiatives can help get your name out there to new community members. Some success stories of larger content creators are from simply playing alongside a large number of other streamers. If you give yourself the time to go and have fun with others, you will be noticed and in turn, viewers may wish to check out your content once they see you elsewhere.

Audio/Video Quality/Stream Setup

Everybody starts somewhere and while success stories of streamers who started from just an Xbox to upgrading to a full dual PC setup sound amazing, they’re the exception, not the rule! There’s no need to rush and put yourself into a bad financial situation before you’re ready. Having a great quality stream can attract a lot of viewers but the content is what gets your community to stay. There’s no need to put yourself into debt getting all of the latest high tech but upgrading piece by piece can help you along your journey. It’s also exciting for your community to see you grow. Community members can become invested in helping you succeed so sharing the happiness of upgrades brings everyone up!


Subscriber/Patreon Benefits

A great incentive for subscribers and Patreons is exclusive streams. People hate to miss out and if they think they will lose time with their favorite streamer, they will more than likely sign up! Fans of the stream value time with you the most. An incentive where your time is given always creates more of a lasting impression.

Don’t be afraid to ask your community what they would like to see more of. A quick Twitter poll can give you insight into what your viewers enjoy versus what they think can be improved. Not all criticism is constructive but it’s what you do with it that counts. As well as collecting answers and opinions, tweets that include polls and questions in general builds your community engagement. If your viewers feel their opinions are valued by you, they’re more likely to feel at home, comfortable and trusted.

Reward your loyal community members! There are many ways to do this without breaking the bank. Most viewers appreciate your time and therefore something as simple as offering a community movie night can really engage your community. Who doesn’t love watching movies with their friends? It creates a safe, fun environment where your viewers can get to know you on a personal level and it doesn’t cost a thing! Many streamers like to play games with their community as a way of giving back. ‘Sub Days’ are very popular and provide another incentive to subscribe. The streamer is able to engage their viewers through this planned out day with subscribers, once a week, and again, it only costs time.



Giveaways allow you to reward your existing community, meet new members and build your following. Simply put, giveaways are the easiest way to generate ‘hype’ and activity with your followers. When done correctly, giveaways can increase your vitality on your social channels.

On, your social accounts become the entry methods. Want to grow your Twitter following? You can set a retweet or a follow as an entry and make them required entry methods. Connect your other social accounts and streaming platform(s) too!

Hosting a giveaway doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are many prizes that will attract new followers that are not terribly expensive. Find out some more information and advice on selecting a prize from our previous article: Choosing a Prize for your Giveaway.

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