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When creating your giveaway with, one of the entry methods you can add is for donations. This method allows you to receive donations directly and provides additional/bonus entries based on their monetary support.

It is very common for fans to want to donate to their favorite streamers, often this would be to support them directly or for fun donation goals. Incorporating donations into giveaways gives a great incentive to gain more entries. Streamers have an opportunity to enrich their audience’s experience through a variety of means. Donations can help make improvements to a setup, new game purchases to play on stream or rebranding graphics!

Providing a high quality prize up for grabs as well as giving the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause gives users more encouragement to participate. If you combine donations with secret codes, you can increase the reward. Setting the secret code entry amount based on how much is donated is a great way to have an increased reward method. For example, donating $10 could get you a secret code to enter that is worth 100 entries; donating $20 would get one for 200 entries and so on.

Including donations in your giveaway, whether optional or raising money for the stream, helps keep the campaign all in one place. You are able to receive donations while viewing the success of your giveaway from the Dashboard!

Give it a go on and if you run into trouble, send us a ticket at and we will figure it out with you!

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