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Common Giveaway Mistakes

Complex Entry Methods

Giveaways are an amazing way to promote content but making them complex will deter people. Users are less likely to enter if they are required to fill out a large form or questionnaire instead of simply following a Twitter account. A good balance would be having 15 or less entry methods and then a bonus entry bundle for completing all of them.

This goal is achievable and the user then feels accomplished. This method is more likely to motivate the user and they may try a bit harder to find any secret codes if they get a bonus for completing all methods.

An entry method should be simple and quick!

Secret Code Overload

Having too many secret codes to find decreases their “value”. Entrants may just give up on finding them all or just one or two. At the same time, having only one code and not actively advertising it can also deter users. A good way to use secret codes is to have around 4 across a giveaway that is a month long.

Content Creators using have used secret codes to hide in their streams and encouraged people to gain their currency in order to collect it. This encourages viewership and therein perhaps creating a new community member!


Capitalizing on events is a great way to ride the waves of popular topics. However, sometimes if you don’t have the reach, your promotions can get lost in the sea of posts, what’s referred to in marketing as “noise”. During a time like Christmas, mostly everyone is in the mood to give back. A time like this might mean a popular giveaway item such as a console or headsets can become over-saturated. A great way to combat this would be to giveaway an item that might not usually be as popular but still desirable.

This type of prize would stand out among all the consoles. Of course, another way to avoid this is to post just before or after a popular time of year. Most people might be looking to win something to share with their family around the holidays!

Targeting the “wrong audience”

For some giveaway hosts it is important to find the users that are apart of their community and put effort into entering. Fortunately, our new feature: Required Entry Methods helps to do just that! By moving some entry methods behind a wall of required ones, it takes a little extra effort from the user to fulfill all of their entries.

Wasting Success

After a successful giveaway, a lot of giveaway creators fall off the radar and do not capitalize on their success. It’s important to continue to engage your newer audience with content. This does not mean continuous giveaways (not that anyone would complain). It means interacting with new users, gaining feedback and working on retention. After working on these aspects, each new event will continue to grow your reach and build stepping stones to bigger platforms, sponsors and partners.

Irrelevant Prizes

One of the best ways to grow is to create a brand for yourself. Communities get behind and invest themselves in unique brands that inspire and delight.

Giveaways carrying your brand will be more recognizable and relatable to your audience. A fashion blogger that gives away something that doesn’t relate to fashion could attract new members of the community who would not stick around for future content. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone to try new things but remember that your community are there for you, your content and your brand; a skincare company giving away a gaming mouse doesn’t make much sense!

Blurred/Unappealing Graphics

A common mistake a lot of new giveaway hosts make is thinking that their graphic does not need to be anything special. Not only are graphics nice to look at but they catch the eye and show a level of effort and professionalism. A custom made graphic can change the look of an entire giveaway. For advice on how to create a better image and the mistakes most people make, click here for our article on graphics! Creating an amazing giveaway banner.

This design looked good a few edits before this. Going too far with a graphic can sometimes be the worst thing you can do. Simplicity isn’t bad!

Over Promoting vs Under Promoting

Everyone struggles to find a balance when posting to social media. Posting too much can deter followers away but posting too little can cause them to leave as they’re not getting interaction. A good balance of content, interaction and information is key.

At we host giveaways, but this doesn’t stop us from posting fun memes to engage our audience and have fun. Obviously you would want your audience to know about your giveaway but there is no need to spam them constantly with the same information. If you set a giveaway to run for a month, four tweets, one per week would be ideal. This leaves time in between advertising and allows new followers to be informed and others to be reminded. Feel free to change up the information and context of the post too. That’s why we love our secret codes! They allow you to post a reminder at the same time as adding a fun way to get more entries.

As well as over promoting, we have seen hosts post a tweet once at the beginning and never mention it again. You will still receive some traffic from the initial post but unfortunately it will get swallowed. Most traffic to your giveaway would have to come from users going directly to your social media pages or through This means extra work directing people individually. There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile to research how to get your giveaway out there. Your audience and community are also a great test subject group — don’t be afraid to ask for feedback!

Advertising Your Prize Pool

If you are holding a large giveaway that has a high value you’ll want to show that off and let people know how big of a prize they are winning. Unfortunately making this fact overbearing takes a lot away from the professionalism of the giveaway and almost makes it a blaring advert. You want to create an aura of excitement for your community but make sure this isn’t the main focus. Adding a little blurb to your graphic or mentioning it in the title of a tweet is a nice touch.

Launching a giveaway can be daunting your first time around. If you’re ever looking for help, advice, suggestions feel free to drop us a line in the Community Discord.

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