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Choosing a Prize for your Giveaway

When choosing a prize, you want to make sure it is something desirable. We tend to think of giveaway prizes in one of two ways: physical prizes and digital prizes.

Physical Prizes

Physical prizes are the most tangible prize form for giveaways, they are real items that you can touch, smell, taste (I mean, if you want to) and that makes them generally more desirable. Most gamers would not say no to a brand new Xbox One X or PlayStation 4. As pretty as the prize might be, make sure your graphic stands out, in a good way.

Examples of Physical Prizes: Consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch), PC Systems, Physical Games, Custom Clothing, Gaming Chairs, etc.

Xbox One’s make a great giveaway prizes!

Pros: Cons
  • Very attractive to entrants
  • Real items that you can send to your fans
  • Customizable to your brand/style
  • Can be more expensive
  • Shipping can be an issue Tip: You can reduce shipping costs by purchasing products online in the winners country of origin and have it shipped to their door!

Digital Prizes

Digital prizes are ones that you cannot physically touch (intangible) such as digital codes, in-game currencies, or subscriptions. Products that users “always” need such as in-game currency, in-game cosmetics are very popular choices for giveaways. Choosing a prize from the most popular game out at the moment would grab the attention of people playing that game. This allows you to capitalize on the popularity of a game to increase the exposure for your giveaway!

Apex Coins are the virtual in-game currency for Apex Legends, a new Battle Royale shooter produced by EA.

Pros: Cons
  • Easy to acquire and setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • Less of a “Splash value”
  • No real customization Tip: Combining a digital and physical prize together is a great way to make a grand prize package for a giveaway!

Wrapping it up

Picking the right prize for your audience and your budget is key to maximizing the value of your giveaway! Don’t forget to ensure that your giveaway has an amazing graphic to go along with it.

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